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Spacegen exhibited at Medica 2018

News source: Release time:[2018-11-26]

MEDICA is the largest medical trade fair for medical technology, electromedical equipment, laboratory equipment, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.  Thisyear Medica took place from Monday, 12. November to Thursday, 15. November inthe city of Dusseldorf and attracted 5100 exhibitors from 70 countries as wellas more than 40000 professional doctors and experts.

At its second time at Medica, Xiamen SpacegenCO., LTD.(Spacegen) have presented eleven  products based on three platforms,including RT-PCR, NGS, Digital PCR. Its patent technology RingCap®, which is based on multiplex PCR and overcomes many restrictions have attracted many medical professionals involved in the diagnosis. During the trade fair, our international partners have come to our booth to get the latest market and technology information. Besides, many visitors have shown their interest in becoming our distributors. Spacegen will keep innovative and provide good support for the customers. We aim to be becoming an international professional molecular diagnostic company, strive to provide each patient accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Throughthis grand event, Spacegen have improved its influence internationally. The brand “Spacegen” is better known by the market. We have also learnt more about the market demand, which will help us in product development. Next year, we are going to launch more innovative products. Let’s meet again next MEDICA.