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Spacegen at AMP Europe

News source: Release time:[2018-05-07]

AMP-The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) was founded in 1995 to provide structure and leadership to the emerging field of molecular diagnostics. AMP’s 2,300+ members include individuals from academic and community medical centers,government, and industry; including pathologist and doctoral scientist laboratory directors; basic and translational scientists; technologists; and trainees. AMP members influence policy and regulation around the globe,ultimately serving to advance innovation in the field and protect patientaccess to high quality, appropriate testing.

Xiamen Spacegen CO., LTD.(Spacegen)exhibited successfully at 2018 AMP Europe which was held in Rotterdam fromApril 30 to May 2. As a professional manufacturer, Spacegen provides the products with total solution for early screening, disease diagnosis,personalized drug and efficacy monitoring of treatment. At the conference,Spacegen presented the CE-marked products of Human Oncology Multi-GenesMutations Detection Kit, Human BRCA1/2 Mutations Detection Kit, HumanEGFR Mutations Detections Kit, Human K-ras Mutations Detection Kit, and Human B-raf Mutation Detection Kit. Besides, Spacegen also introduced its patent technology of RINGCAPR and PAP-ARMRto the global visitors. The conference attracted hundreds of professional researchers, scientists, doctors and so onform the universities and labs across the world.

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