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Human Oncology Multi-Gene Mutations Detection Kit

Human Oncology Multi-Gene Mutations Detection Kit

Next Generation Sequencing

CE-IVD Certificate no.No.MDD-SZ-XW-160321

For scientific research use in China

Gene Mutation and Tumor

Apart from red blood cell, each one of human cells contains DNA, which is composed of 20,000 to 25,000 genes. The gene mutation is classified into random mutations and genetic mutations. Following the accumulation of increased harmful gene mutations, tumorigenesis would beignited by mutation of a key gene finally. Targeted drugs are able to target the pathologic molecules caused by specific gene mutations, which will improve efficacy of the drugs and reduce the side effects. Therefore,through genetic testing, we can understand the situation of gene mutations of patients, which is a key indicator todetermine whether they can benefit from targeted drug treatments or not.


Studies had shown that 87% of Asian patients with lung adenocarcinoma have known kinds of driver genes mutations, 81% of which have the clear target inhibitors, thus, 66% of patients can accept the Individualized treatment of targeted drugs.

Gene mutation and targeted therapy 

There is an increasing number of targeted inhibitors for specific gene mutations, which provide not only more treatment opportunities for newly diagnosed patients, but also alternative treatment options for drug-resistant patients. Tumor multi-gene dynamic detection provides a platform for management of the whole-process of disease.

Detection significance

 •  Assist clinicians to select targeted drugs for patients.

 •  Detect drug efficacy and drug resistance.

Detected Genes

Performance Parameter


Detection Process

Advantages and Characteristics

Easy Operation: With independent patented RingCap® technology, library construction can be done in only two steps. Rapid Detection: Library construction takes only 3.5 hours, only 3--5 working days from sample extraction to report .

High Sensitivity:20000x sequencing depth. Up to 0.1% of sensitivity. Achieving the drug resistance monitoring for the liquid biopsy samples.

Comprehensive Inspection: Detecting 13 mutated genes, covering 482 existing targeted drug-related COSMIC locI in one time. Comprehensive analysis the genetic information of non-small cell lung cancer and colorectal cancer. To guide the use of targeted drugs which is recommanded by the domestic and foreign authoritative institutions.