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Human Radiotherapeutic Side Effect-Related Gene SNP Detection Kit

Human Radiotherapeutic Side Effect-Related Gene SNP Detection Kit

Next Generation Sequencing

CE-IVD Certificate no.No.MDD-SZ-XWA1-180523

Only for scientific research use in China

Gene Detection and Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is an effective treatment against cancer, including radical radiation therapy,auxiliary radiotherapy,palliative radiotherapy and so on.However, normal tissues and organs near tumor could also be harmed when patients undergo radiotherapy, which will cause radiotherapeutic side effects, make extra pains to the patients and even influence the treatment. 

It is reported that 80% of the differences in clinical therapy response are caused by individual factors; therefore, the determination of these factors has become a prerequisite for predicting the risk of side effects of radiotherapy. By evaluating the expression level of risk factors related with radiotherapeutic side effects, patients would be able to receive adjusted radiotherapy dose toimprove curative effect, prevent severe adverse effect, or switch treatments to improve their survival quality for patients who is not suitable for radiotherapy.


Clinical Significance

•  Predict the patient's sensitivity to  radiotherapeutic side effects.

•  Analyze the prognosis,developing, and treatment for the cancers.

•  Guide the selection for suitable treatments.

There are individual differences in radiotherapeutic side effects. For the same dose and therapeutic regimen, some patients will receive great side effect while the others will not. Only about 10%-20% of the difference are caused by stochastic radiation effect ,about 80%-90% are determined by the genes. Therefore, the detection of the gene status before starting radiotherapy can predict the side effects and help selecting suitable treatments.

Performance Parameter







Sample requirements
Sample TypesQuantity



RingCap ®

16 tests/kit or

 32 tests/kit

Ion torrent






10 mL4℃

Detection Process

Advantages and Characteristics

Easy operation: With independent patented RingCap ® technology, library construction can be done in two steps. 

Rapid Detection:Library construction takes only 3.5 hours, only 2 working days from sample  to report.

Accurate and Reliable:The length of amplicon  can be up to 120bp. The sequencing depth can be up to more than 500X.