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Xiamen Spacegen Co., Ltd., integrating R & D, production, sales and advisory services, is dedicated to providing the most innovative products and services for cancer, genetic diseases and other personalized precision medical testing. We provide the total solution products for early screening, disease diagnosis, individual drug selection and efficacy monitoring. Our technical team personnel are the leading experts with years of research experience in related field including Oncology, and we not only reached a strategic cooperation with colleges like Xiamen University, as well as a number of domestic top molecular diagnostic listed companies, but also conducted cooperation in a wide range of transformation of technological achievements.

Founded in 2015, Spacegen’s center is located in the beautiful TRIPLEX Science Park in Tongan, Xiamenand owns an over 1,000 GMP-approved clean workshopand over  1,000 R&D base, equipped with high-throughput sequencing platform, fluorescence quantitative PCR platform and generation of sequencing platform.  Based on next generation sequencing, Real Time PCR, Sanger sequencing and other technology platforms, Spacegen has developed a number of individualized medical products. Three patents have been applied, and we developed a series of products based on completely independent innovation RingCap  patented technology (Ring-Link Capture Library technology) on the Next generation sequencing platform


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