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Patent Technology of High-throughput Sequencing Library Construction

As one patented technology independently researched and developed by Xiamen SpaceGen Co.,Ltd, Ring-Link Capture Library technology is a kind of targeted sequencing library preparation technology based on multiplex PCR , which overcomes many restrictions that  chronically plagued the PCR-based target library preparation, such as the poor sequence homogeneity, the missing target sequence, the complicated experimental process, the lengthy manual operation time, and the high upfront equipment cost.

RingCap ®enables to construct high-throughput sequencing library by one step, as shown in the following steps:

(1) Designing a number of basic amplification primers for several target genes, to achieve amplification capture for target sequence;

(2) Designing a pair of asymmetric connection probes containing a specific sequence that is not complementary to the human genome, to form a cyclic product through connecting asymmetric connection probe with the target sequence specificity captured above.

(3) Designing a universal primer that is not complementary to the human genome, to make the specificity amplification be complementary with cyclic product above;

(4) Obtaining the high throughput sequencing library after purifying the amplified product.

PAP-ARMS® Technology

Based on the technology of  traditional Amplification Refractory Mutation System (AMRS), PAP-ARMS ® innovatively combines pyrophosphorolysis-activated polymerization reaction (PAP) to form PAP-ARMS ®patent technology, which overcomes the long-standing problems about the traditional ARMS technology, including the poor specificity, causing false positive results and can not further improving sensitivity and so forth.

PAP-ARMS®  Technical Vantages:

1. With very strong specificity, it can achieve the detection of single-digit copy number mutation, and increase the sensitivity to 0.1%;

2. Easy and fast to operate, it can be used in the ordinary fluorescence quantitative PCR platform.


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